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Coins and Skins are solving the liquidity problem in GameFi through its approach to Gamers, initially via its dual-sided Token and NFT Gaming marketplace. Whilst the first two products will cement their position in the GameFi space, the development of their automated trading widget will revolutionise the industry so the gamer can focus on Gaming and ROI, never needing to worry about trading.

– 30+ Gaming tokens + 50 LargeCap
– Richest Gaming Asset Platform
– Centralised Security
– Single Sign-in across Centralised and Decentralised platform
– Staking
– Widget with the ability to convert all gamers to traders.

With a Team of experts from BitPanda Pro, Chiliz, Xbox, Microsoft and Moonpay, they’re covering all bases from Asset Management, Fan and User Utility & Engagement through to the Gaming Oligarchs in Web2. This will provide the end-to-end journey and thinking to give Web3 gamers a true upper hand in gaming and asset trading.

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